Our Accounting assistants are first-rate in the markets they serve. A dedicated Accounting Assistant will be a useful extension of your team, a point of contact that will use your style of communication and brand to fuel growth for your business.

  • Do you want to address an escalated situation in a creative way but the phone keeps ringing?

  • You want to follow-up with one client, but are you with another client since 3 hours?

  • You are showing 5 homes and here Title is requesting documents for closing.

The Real Estate business can be enjoyable, but we can understand that the day-to-day tasks of managing contracts can take a toll on you and considerably slow down the business growth. This is why we step in to make your life easier.

It is not easy to be the project manager when every task is on a deadline. No one likes to be at fault for even a small mistake. The Accounting assistants will handle the following duties so that you will be freed up to focus on more important tasks like lead generation.

The first and foremost task is for the coordinator to collect and deliver the earnest money for the buyer. They also get the escrow number & name and ensure that they give it to all the concerned people.

The seller may need a handyman, there will be appraisals and inspections for the buyer. All such tasks will be scheduled and coordinated efficiently and on time. The Accounting Assistant will also schedule appointments with all the vendors making sure that the right people are present at the right place at the right time.

A lot of paperwork is involved in the process of transactions and it is obvious for any agent to get bored of doing it. But you don’t need to worry anymore, our accounting assistant will handle all the jobs like proofreading the documents for accuracy, sending them and making sure where they need to go. Your broker will be equally happy about it as you.

Isn’t it cumbersome for a human to keep a track of all the due dates? Missing any one of them will be a huge mistake for your business. Enter our accounting assistant, which will track all the contingencies and dates for you and ensure that every “T” is crossed, nothing is left to do till the closing is final.
These and many more such tasks will be done by our VA whether they are in the category of Intake tasks, Contract Management, Pre-closing, Post-closing, etc. By doing even half of these tasks, our Accounting Assistant will be taking a big burden off your shoulders and your worries of mundane activities to itself.

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